Hamza Ali Abbasi Wedding


A wedding is the most important day for both the bride and groom. Every religion and culture has a different way of celebrating a wedding event. In Pakistan, this event is celebrated very uniquely. Most of the Pakistani people are following Muslim patterns but few of the Pakistani have adapted the Indian culture in their wedding event but love before marriage is becoming popular nowadays. Hamza Ali Abbasi Wedding is a big example of it.

Hamza and Naimal Khawar wedding news are in trending and they both are in the radar of news channel also since the news become public. On Social media platforms, everyone has the right to share the expert opinion on every topic. Most of the celebrities are targeted for everything they share on social media platforms. Some people give respect but some people are making fun of them and doing criticism all the time. Hamza and Naimal both are facing such type of things nowadays.

Hamza Ali Abbasi is going to be married on 25 August and Valima reception will be held on 26 August, as invitation cards are circulating on social media platforms. Pakistani Celebrities are very amazed by hearing the wedding news of Hamza and Naimal Khawar.

Hamza Ali Abbasi has recently come from Hajj and then he announced her wedding with Naimal Khawar Khan. Their Mehndi event was celebrated on 21 August in which Naimal Khawar Khan wear Mehndi dresses. Some of the guests have an Asim Jofa dress, some might wear Maria b and some might wear Maria b. Hamza and Naimal Khawar’s wedding is going to rock in which traditional style will follow and cultural myths will be adopted.

Hamza Ali Abbasi said in his tweet that I planned to say this after 25 August but the news is already going out so here I announced the big news of my wedding and then he announced his wedding date and Valima reception date. Hamza more added that Some people get married because they fall in love with someone or they feel lonely and want to have a complete family. Hamza gave emphasis more on pleasing Allah by doing a Nikkah.

Hamza declined to go the talk shows about their marriage and love story but according to Hamza’s opinion, it is a disappointing thing. This news becomes a surprising element for everyone but many fans was trying hard to know the actual story behind that. Hamza added:

We were just friends for 2 years ago and recently Allah put it in my heart to ask her to marry me for reasons I mentioned with her then she said Yes to me. This is the entire love story of Naimal Khawar and Hamza Ali Abbasi. Hamza spoke and write in detail all the related things about his wedding.

Apart from this those media channels that had an association with hamza did also not know whom he was planning to marry and the chemistry. Obviously, it is a personal decision of hamza and he kept his biggest truth of life hidden which is apparently good. Secondly, most of the close aids or celebrities also not expected that this marriage is going to take place.  Thanks to the social media that leaked this news and the couple was perhaps forced to state that when marriage is being planned. 

It goes without saying that Hamza is one of the best Pakistani actors. He had been in civil service and considered to be one of the exceptional celebrity stars. His name and fame inevitably sparked in recent years and it was due to the tv serials he had done for HUMTV.

Which dresses shall guest wear?

Actually, it has become the talk of the town who is going to Pakistani dresses and what kind of clothes people opt for. Definitely, women love to look beautiful at weddings. And, when it comes to the wedding of hamza, other stars would opt for costly and most expensive brands of Pakistan. 

Some believe that old women will prefer Pakistani saree and might go with simple options. Certainly, this is not the right time to judge who wears what as it is a self discretion of the participant. But, most of the people on social media state that maria b dresses would win the race and the family of the bride might also choose her clothing for the event. But when it comes to top-class weddings Zainab chottani always tops. Her attire wins and hearts and minds of the participant. Let’s see what is going to happen and kashees might also take part through his multicolor lehengas.

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