offers Stitching Services to customers from highly professional as well as skilled tailors. While we have well-experienced also highly skilled tailor masters, we do not create mistakes in the fitting. Please find the measurement form at the end of this page, scroll down.

How Stitching Services Benefit Customers?

The stitched dresses we dispatch to our customers come with extra clothes left inside. If a client feels uncomfortable, she can easily alter her fitting anywhere in the world. Moreover, we do not perform fractional stitching. We offer full stitching services to the customers.

How To Give Measurements?

Customers should provide us measurements on our given WhatsApp number (345-8970417) if they do not understand. We will supply a form that they have to return after filling the required details. Furthermore, measurements should be precise. This page contains all the necessary information on measurements.

Do We Stitch Shirts and Kurtis?

We do stitch Kurtis as well as shirts. This service is only accessible for bulk quantity. If a customer desires to stitch a good number of Kurtis professionally, she should contact us at (345-8970417). Apart from this, we do pants stitching also.

Does Price Fluctuate in Stitching?

It does vary. Lawn dress does not price the same efforts that we employ on bridal as well as party dresses. On the other hand, there comes a price difference. Clearly, in net dresses, we require to contain the lining.

How to take measurements?

To help our customers who do not know how to take proper measurements, we have simplified the process. Please check the attached images below and take measurements in the same way. You can also find below Standard Sizes but they are not recommended. The best way to avoid any kind of alteration is to provide proper size suggested as follow:

Standard Size Measurement Chart

Measurement Form