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On this blog page, shall be updating upcoming product details. Fashion trends and various other important news pertaining to the fashion industry will also update here.

Pakistani Dresses Blog Australia 

Besides, it appears the first blogging page in Australia where customers could read about various volumes and trends getting famous in the fashion industry. All the brands’ news shall update on this page.

Moreover, customers should keep visiting this page to see what new about to come from Pakistan and what designs we plan to introduce in the global market.

Afghani Dresses Blog Australia 

Actually, this site is not limited to the Pakistani audience. People from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistani, Middle East and any other region could also buy different kinds of dresses online. We have fantastic designs of afghani traditional wear and we make the best designs of traditional wear in the world.

Hazaragi Dresses Australia 

Elegance of Pakistani Fashion

Elegance of Pakistani Fashion

Fashion knows no borders, and in the vibrant multicultural landscape of Australia, Pakistani clothing trends have found a welcoming niche. These exquisite garments effortlessly blend tradition with modernity, offering an enchanting array of choices for fashion enthusiasts across the continent. Much like the diverse beauty embraced at the renowned Coquitlam Salon, Pakistani clothing trends in […]

New Maria B Bridal Dresses

Bridal Dresses

Maria B wedding dresses are fully decorated with quality handwork and precious material that’s will glow and make bridal prominent on special moments of life. In the realm of bridal attire, designing Maria B is leading fashion stylists in Pakistan. The brand outlets are situated in all Pakistan. No doubt, she targeted all categories of […]

Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Dresses Collection


Sana Safinaz is a premium luxury cloth retailer that gives a unique wear line for ladies. Due to the high quality & stunning designs, it is becoming the need of every eastern woman. This legendary cloth manufacturer took its first step in the fashion field in 1989. Since then it has achieved large-scale fame especially […]

The Best Features Of Punjabi Dresses


In general, there are specific outfits for specific occasions. For example, a beautiful saree or lehenga is best appropriate for a traditional Indian wedding; whereas a sleek and elegant dress is ideal for a party. However, certain outfits are suitable for any occasion thanks to their versatile nature. Moreover, salwar kameez suits are one such […]

Pakistani Singer Aima Baig Latest News

aima baig

Aima Baig Flaunts Her Elegance In Bridal Dress Pakistan’s singing sensation Aima Baig, who is impressing millions of music lovers worldwide with her versatile voice, has shared a stunning post on Instagram attracting massive praise from her admirers. Aima was seen rocking a gorgeous red bridal hand-embellished Pakistani bridal dresses destined by Omorose. Nabila’s makeup […]

Western Wear Fashion


Sania Maskatiya Western Wear Collection There aren’t enough local brands that are providing a western line in the Pakistani market, and we have all gone through struggles to find the right tunic or top for a special occasion. Sania Maskatiya has been a brand eponymy with class and excellence, and while their western line has […]

Benefits of Bridal Chiffon Dresses

Bridal Dresses

Have you been well organized for your wedding? Get inspired on the Internet? Well, I bet you have found numerous stunning bridesmaid dresses already. However, have you ever noticed that you have collected numerous dresses all made from chiffon? Today we will discuss the deep reasons for the bridal chiffon dress craze. Moreover, you will […]

Velvet Dresses For Christmas Parties

Velvet Dresses For Christmas Parties

This year, avoid a last-minute dash to the high street and begin building a Christmas capsule instead. For some folks, Christmas party season, in the same vein as summer weddings, maybe that moment of the year where we forget about trying to be more conscious with our shopping selections and head to the high street […]

Bridal Tips From Celebrity Stylist

Bridal Tips From Celebrity Stylisht

There was a time once a bridal outfit was all regarding curating a good array of equipment, spanning across consumer goods, jewelry, and necessities like linen dress and chinaware. It was placed along only 1 objective: to form certain, the bride had everything she desires for married life. However whereas the traditions ordered roots for […]

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