Punjabi suit appears to consider an all-time favorite. Customers have a special attraction for them. The typical “Patiala shalwar” seems to be very attractive. The small kurta attracts everyone. New additions have been made. Every designer is working to enhance this category. Not only in Punjab, but these dresses have also gained trend nationwide.

Moreover, overseas customers also seem to like this way of dressing. Punjabi dresses have bright colors. The radiant color scheme seems to be the specialty.  With traditional “paranda” Punjabi’s suit steal the occasion.

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The Patiala shalwar is also called “ballo’o wali shalwar”. Every famous designer has a special place for these dresses.  , the fabric used has the best quality. Chiffon gives the perfect fall. The stitching plays a part in this category.  All the designers love to make products like this.

Besides, these dresses women prefer for formal wear. They can also be used as a bridal dress for mehndi and mayoon functions. All the bright colors like yellow, green, red and orange have been the prime ones.

However, they give the outfit a vibrant look. They seem to be more liked by youngsters. Embroidery is also entering the category. Motifs on kameez and shalwar have been in fashion. Designers keep on adding different styles to it.