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punjabi suit

When it involves traditional shalwar tunic styles, the contribution of the Punjabi culture and tradition to the current particular dress can’t be unnoticed. The Punjabi culture reflects a harmonious blend of various cultures and ethnic backgrounds where we can see influences from Afghan and Chagatai-Turkic.

These influences have left the impact not only on the Punjabi language and foods. But also the traditional Punjabi clothing as well. The traditional dress of Punjabi girls is a Punjabi salwar suit. The Punjabi suit is created of a pair of piece garment, a shirt or tunic of knee-length called a Kameez worn with loose pajama-like trousers or salwar.

punjabi suit

One can also pair the kameez with a Patiala. With time the design of the Punjabi suit has become extremely popular. With women all over India as well as various other parts of the world so much. So that even famous fashion designers have come up with their range of designer Punjabi suits for women. The Punjabi salwar suit is one such outfit that gives absolute freedom of movement. While maintaining the aura of Indian ancient dressing.

It is important to look for these following features in Punjabi salwar kameez suits to make your purchase worthwhile.

Style Of The Kameez

When it comes to designer Punjabi suits, selecting the right kameez is very important to accentuate your overall appearance. A Punjabi kameez is usually short in length, about the length of your thighs or till your knees. The cut of the kameez should be fitting and straight to complement the outline of your figure. The salwar is available in various high-quality fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon, and georgette. That are extremely comfortable and suitable for prolonged wear during warm summer days and protective during the cold winter season.

Punjabi Shalwar kameez

Style Of The Shalwar

The next most significant factor to stay in mind while getting the Punjabi shalwar tunic suits is the vogue and design of the very cheap of the salwar. The short Punjabi kameez looks best with a pleated loose salwar that is pleated at the waist and looses at the bottom. It can also be paired with traditional Patiala salwar. Also known as the Pattian Wali Salwar that has its roots in the Patiala city of Punjab. A Patiala salwar requires double the length of material to be stitched and renders an elegant look to the wearer. It can also be worn with a Dhoti salwar. The salwar is decorated with light embroidery work at the bottom line.


The dupatta is one of the most vital elements of best designer Punjabi suits, but most of the times this vital piece of clothing is ignored. When flaunting a traditional look, it is a must to carry the scarf or dupatta to enhance your look. You can either drape the dupatta around your neck for a traditional look or take it on your shoulders for a smarter look. The dupatta is typically fabricated from sheer chiffon, silk or cotton fabric and embellished with light zari, bandhani or gotta work and comes in matching color with the salwar.

neckline of the kameez

Neckline Of The Kameez

Selecting the perfect neck designs for Punjabi suits it the next important step whether you are buying designer Punjabi suits online or from physical stores. Being a flexible outfit, the Punjabi Kameez provides you to experiment with multiple types of necklines right from common V-necks, deep cut round necks, elegant square neck and simple boat necks to stylish and modern Chinese collars, halter necks and scoop neck and asymmetric cut. The neckline of Punjabi kameez is usually embellished with ethnic embroidery, zari, mirror work, lace, and ribbons or sequin and stonework while the rest of the outfit is kept simple and minimalistic.

Sleeves Patterns For The Tunic

One of the foremost enticing options of the most recent designer Punjabi suits is the kind of sleeve styles and kinds that are incorporated into the outfit to enhance the fashion quotient of it. New designer Punjabi suits are obtainable in sleeveless choice, cap sleeves, puffed sleeves, net sleeves, off shoulder style as well as traditional elbow sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, and long sleeves.

Those with heavy arms should opt for short sleeves, elbow sleeves or three-quarter sleeves whereas those with lean arms can opt for sleeveless or cap sleeve options. Those with broad shoulders should not wear puffed sleeves because it will make their shoulders appear even broader.

These are the 5 very important points to stay in mind whereas selecting your shalwar tunic from a large range of Punjabi designers that suit the most recent styles to stand out of the crowd and make a glamorous style statement in your traditional attire.

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