Pakistani Clothing Brands 2022

Wearing a Saari is one of the leading clothing trends observed in wedding ceremonies of this year. There are many brands that occasionally launch various designs of sarees online.  

Maria b and other Pakistani Saree designers have recently launched a number of new collections to appease local women of Pakistan. The black embroidery work threaded with stones and adda work on the blouse undoubtedly make the outfit look stunning in parties.

The trends of Pakistani Clothing Brands

The growing trend of saari in Pakistan is basically inherited from the ongoing Indian culture’s influence over Pakistani culture. No doubt, Pakistani designers have been producing amazing products for ladies for the past many years and have successfully captured a great portion of the sub-continent market.  

But, it is not the saaree that is trending in the stores of Pakistan. Women also prefer to wear long gowns and handmade maxis to look unique and beautiful in their wedding events. Pakistani people believe that wedding is the biggest event in their life however they do not shy from spending a hefty amount of money on purchasing heavily embroidered designer wear dresses.  

Kashees dresses and Pakistani Clothing Brands

Take for example, the ratio of Kashees lovers has significantly increased than the ratio of Maria b fans. It is said that people love the embroidery strokes kashees is producing and they opt for new styles of clothes. 

New Brands Saree and other Designs

Gone are the days, when people used to wear only bonanza and Al karam. Today, people want to wear new designs for every new occasion however Maryam’s and other newly established brands have expeditiously grown in the local market.

People in Pakistan love what Maryam’s is producing in recent years. She has undoubtedly launched incredible collections that became a huge hit in 2022 alone. Not only maryams, Emaan Adeel and Gulaal are also speedily growing in the local market and they often get their products out of stock soon.

The Era of TikTok and Pakistani Clothing Brands

The trend of Pakistani Dresses Brands has become viral due to numerous videos circulating on TikTok. There is no doubt that TikTok is the fastest-growing platform and people love what is trending. Considering the trend into account, Maria b , Asim Jofa, Aayra and Emaan Adeel has launched several saari designs for local and global markets and this growing competition is amazing.

The fashion industry of Pakistan had a significant influence on local TV dramas and movies but this is no longer working for the big brands. Today, people prefer social media over TV dramas and buy what is trending online.

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