Zebtan is a pure effort of Mr. Umer Rouf. He stood for a decade from zero to bring such an amazing trademark. Let’s start a new journey of clothing for women. Their core business is fancy & lavish clothing for unique events. Zebtan is admired in Sub-continent as well as highly demanded in UK & USA for Pakistani & Indian customers. Zebtan by Umer Fancy is famous worldwide fashion clothing manufactures.

ZEBTAN brand by Umer Fancy Emporium Group specifically made for unadulterated chiffon Best Design for overhauling the slyness of current women. This can occur as a result of the greatest assortment in light at the time of photography. Zebtan launched its latest Volume of Royal collection volume 5 which astonishingly achieved appreciation from the top ranks of Industry and customers. Zebtan believes in the feature & fortitude of fabric to satisfy the ultimate needs of its customers.

Zircon Luxury Eid Festive Collection by Zebtan

Mainly launched Eid designs, Zebtan Zircon Luxury Festive Collection 2019 are presented excessiveness happy gathering Zircon Collection. A deluxe chiffon weaving collection is booking your requests on the store. Zebtan pushed there is the latest Volume of Embroidery Chiffon collection. Which extremely achieved approval from the top places of Industry and buyers. Things like Lace, Piping or decoration most probably won’t be consolidated aside from whenever communicated in the depiction.

In sewed dresses, additional embellishments are incorporated as same as possible all over. They are not the same as the picture as they are not given by associations. Zebtan takes self-assurance in Quality and fortitude of the surface to please the authoritative needs of our customers. This suit is weaved, having the stone touch. Furthermore astounding touch. In unstitched dresses, no additional trappings are given. You can observe some images of Zebtan Zircon Luxury Festive Collection 2019 of every spring-summer season.

ZEBTAN Royal Collection

Zebtan–Unstitched 3 Piece Suit- Summer Collection is available at pakistanidresses.com.au, an online store. We have a total variety of 3 Piece Embroidered Unstitched suits with us. The complete variety of Zebtan is obtainable and 100% unique. We have some degree of stock, thus Order Us Online. We transport Worldwide.

Unique Pakistani designer lawn collection is available at a reasonable price with the finest quality. The most excellent online boutiques in Pakistan pakistanidresses.com.au are for all trendy Women, Fashion in Lawn and other Fabric. ZEBTAN brand by Umer Fancy Emporium Group Specially prepared for Chiffon Best Design for enhancing the grace of modern women.

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