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Sania Maskatiya Western Wear Collection

There aren’t enough local brands that are providing a western line in the Pakistani market, and we have all gone through struggles to find the right tunic or top for a special occasion. Sania Maskatiya has been a brand eponymy with class and excellence, and while their western line has been offered in London for the past 3 seasons, this will be its debut in Pakistan.

Since the brand has been running successfully since 2010, we were curious as to what finally brought on the arrival of ‘Sania Studio’ to Pakistan.

“We were doing it on the side for our international clients, and never really gave it the chance to come about here. But we have a lot of people coming to our store here asking for western wear, and now this is officially it,” Sania commented.

When speaking of the market and popularity for western wear in Pakistan, Sania said, “It’s not purely western wear, as in you won’t find just halter, backless, and sleeveless tops. We have kurta like cuts, tunics, as well as layering and separates.”

Sania Studio will be bringing us some exciting trends such as free-flowing pants, asymmetrical blouses, high-waist jumpsuits, and slim-silhouetted gowns, all of which can be worn as separates as well.

It is said that the assortment is different from what Sania Maskatiya has been displaying in the past, yet still has it’s signature aesthetic. The collection is expected to be perfectly in sync with trends and summer in Pakistan, bringing asymmetrical blouses, high-waist jumpsuits and slim-silhouetted gowns, all of which can be worn as separates as well.

“The tunics and such we designed before would usually get lost amidst everything else, so this is now restraining all that and bringing it out together,” Sania said.

With an imminent run overseas, the label is set to venture in Pakistan and will no doubt be a hit, as have all of Sania Maskatiya’s previous collections. She had displayed the collection of Sania Studio in Pakistan at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week back early in April.

In 2010, Sania launched her signature label ‘Sania Maskatiya’ after designing for 3 years under the label ‘Chamak’. The brand’s rise to fame is unique given the short period since its beginning. Sania’s signature aesthetic is to maintain a delicate balance between elegance, comfort, and practicality.

Sania has proven to be exactly what the country’s high-end fashion mongers were anticipating, a one-stop-shop for luxury prêt and couture.

Her collection brings a real metamorphosis where modern is no longer synonymous with barebacked, revealing cuts but rather an inspiring and creative fusion between traditional and contemporary. Sania’s style attribute relies on bringing together stunning cuts and colors with embellishments in a manner that the other overshadows neither however flow along naturally. She finds her inspiration in her surroundings particularly nature and her 3 main lines include pret-a-porter, diffusion, and haute couture for a broad range of women.

Pink’s Kids Wearing Western Wear

Following their victorious weekend at the 2019 Peoples’ Choice Awards, the family-of-four headed on down to Nashville, Ten. For the 2019 CMA Awards, where the singer will be performing on stage. This also allowed the fashionable family to show off their country ensembles in a fabulous style. Even little Jameson Moon got in on the action by sporting a pair of cowboy boots and hat, along with a bedazzled suit jacket. One could even say that he’s dressed as a rhinestone cowboy.

Jameson’s big sister Willow Sage went for a more subtle look by sporting a rocker pair of boots and a white dress with two horses on it. As for Carey and Pink, the parental units kept things simple chic in their black and orange ensembles.

While country music isn’t exactly Pink’s forte, many are looking forward to seeing the singer onstage, especially after she made a rousing acceptance speech at the PCAs. Those who watched will recall that the mother-of-two emotionally told fans that she doesn’t care about their politics.

She cares about their children. She cares about decency, humanity, and kindness. She says that kindness today is an act of rebellion. Some people don’t have what you have. Help them get it. The planet needs help. It feels good to help. It feels powerful to help. Stop fighting each other. Get together with friends and change the world, she said.

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