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The Punjabi suit is profoundly known as the shalwar kameez. It is a traditional dress that was worn by the Punjabi women in the Punjab region. They were found in Northwestern India and the eastern parts of Pakistan. Yet the dress was not restricted to women only in some areas.

Commonly, the type of clothing is made up of the shalwar which is a pair of trousers that have a specific and unique design. The tunic is referred to as the kameez of the suit. The shalwar is consists of long and reached the ankle. Also, it was a loose-fitting except at the ankle where the hem was narrow. The kameez was also made loose-fitting and reaches down to the knees and has a long sleeve.

punjabi suit

The origin of the Punjabi suit goes a long way back to the Mughal era where it was the suit of the Mughals. The Mughals were known as Muslim rulers in India. In the 1980s, the Punjabi dress became so much popular. It was adopted as a school uniform in India for girls between the ages of 12 years to 16 years. Later, it gained more popularity due to the reason women who were becoming the bride chooses this dress as their identity. They think it is the best choice to distinguish them from girls and married women. The dress kept evolving in designs up to now where women have a lot of modern variations that are gorgeous and exquisite.


The Punjabi suit gained popularity after sarees loved by modern young girls. In the traditional style, it was worn with heavy pleated or gathered Punjabi Patiala shalwar. Recently these are available in numerous different styles. For the designer to show their creativity, they choose Punjabi shalwar which is their favorite garment to experiment with. It results in various neck styles that are available in the market like round neck, V-neck, etc. it also consists of different kinds of sleeves and shalwar shapes.

Punjabi Dresses

These both come with heavy embroideries added with stones, pearl, zari, gotta, Patti, etc. You can buy all the latest designer Punjabi dresses are available in different fabrics which give a dazzling look to the wearer. It is due to the rising popularity of online Pakistani dresses shopping platforms.  For summertime, you can opt-out for cotton, georgette or silk Punjabi shalwar. Brocade and velvet are considered best for wintery days.

The craze for this Punjabi dress is spreading worldwide. The Punjabi kameez shalwar is traditional wear for all age group feminine beauty. This dress is the majority favorite by Pakistani women. They are in love with these clothes. It is very much comfortable clothes as well. That is why it is the preferred choice for dressing at ethnic events or casual get together.

They are also suitable for all functions like wedding, party, traditional function or any other function. It can be said that it is common clothing worn by maximum women. The girls always prefer to wear shalwar kameez during wedding season because it features diverse advantage of giving perfect style, sheer luxury and great comfort fit.

Punjabi Dress

The ethnic Punjabi dresses also allow women to get connected with our traditional roots and boost confidence. According to the fabric, the color combination differs because only some colors are there which looks very good and pleasant in it. There are two options to get Punjabi shalwar kameez. The first one is you can get a ready-made dress. Second, you can buy only dress material and get it stitched by your trusted tailor according to your choice.

Both options seem good and it depends on the wearer with which option they will choose. There are a lot of results online where you can see models wearing Punjabi dresses and you can decide which color and will best suit you. In the modern patterns of Punjabi dresses, tops or kameez are sleeveless.

But if you want to have sleeves with the dress, you can attach it according to you. But this type is referred to as good styles in it. If you think it will look cheap, then no. it looks prettier to a girl wearing it. You can look good enough when you stitch it and form your style. Many virtual stores do offer these dresses with huge discounts and authentic contemporary designs that blend well with your taste and preferences.

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