New Bridal Dresses Designs

New Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Both Pakistani brands, Anaya and Zainab Chottani have put a new collection of bridal dresses this year. Both brands have done well. Designs are outstanding. The quality is amazing. Each and every Dress is describing its own elegance. That is why Anaya and Zainab Chottani has been named as best designers for Pakistani bridal dresses. They are the first choice for every person.

Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry

The founder of this brand is one talented performing artist and entrepreneur, her name is Kiran Chaudhry. Very shortly after its launch of a new luxury clothing brand, she became popular in Pakistan. The brand release luxury women’s clothing with elaborate bridal collection. Kiran sells unstitched, standard stitched and premium stitched dresses at its stores across the country. No doubt Anaya is considered one of the favorite Pakistani brands. It is also becoming a retail sensation across the globe.

The previous collection by Anaya has been hit among the Pakistani audience due to great quality and unbeatable price tag. Kiran strives hard to provide unique designs to its loyal customers so that they can express individuality. They can feel their best. Wedding collection 2019 by Anaya is one splendor affair of extravagant that is Pakistani bridal dresses. The dresses feature the eastern-inspired wedding ensemble which speaks of class and superior sense of fashion. It is a smart way by fashion label Anaya to release the exclusive three-piece outfit collection.

Creativity and Reflects of Anaya By Kiran Chaudhry

Each and every Anaya dress design showcases creativity and reflects the signature style of the designer. The brand comes with a very accessible price to make its wedding collection of 2019 available for the majority. Their wedding dresses are a fusion of classic bridal designs with a modern cut and details. They are gorgeous and the designs are stunning. The wardrobe will look standard for every beautiful bride because each piece has an endless style.

The collection has the variations in fabrics used to control construct each ensemble. Now that one particular thing makes it noteworthy about this collection. It features rich velvets, breezy chiffons, and silk mixed with sequins and embroidery. Kiran has made a very versatile collection which works for both day and night events. Due to the use of multiple fabrics adds dimension and depth to the design. The bridal dress collection is available online and can also be purchased at retail stores nationwide. 

Zainab Chottani

Zainab chottani made a debut show in 2009. It helped her a lot and became a fast-fashion retailer popular for its impressive designs. Everyone looks forward to each year as Zainab chottani is the one who uses of mesmerizing craftsmanship along with the use of both vibrant and soft colors. She is considered as the uncrowned queen of the Pakistan bridal fashion industry without any doubt.

Zainab chottani bridal collection 2019

Not only is the brand popular in Pakistan. It has also received global appreciation. She shows off the rich Pakistani heritage in her red carpet ready and extravagant couture designs. The brand is also popular for prêt collection, couture collection, and bridal collection. Pakistani loved the Mughal inspired creation. Also the fans across the globe in countries like United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America and India.

Zainab Chottani Bridal Collection

The brand new Pakistani bridal collection, Zainab Chottani Bridal Collection 2019 is one of the most anticipated. It gives tough competition to the other Pakistani brands in the market. Everyone loves the classy and traditional fugal era inspired collection which is beautiful. You can see each piece has its own individual pattern and reflects the rich culture and tradition of Pakistan. 

Feminine and Traditional Colors

The collection is made of feminine and traditional colors which complement the Asian skin tone. It features color combination and use of gold and silver embroidery in the collection add a hint of royal grandeur to the pieces.

The abundant use of Kundan, kora, and dabka along with jamawar is what makes this particular bridal collection an instant hit. She adds few color bold pieces for fashion-savvy brides who like to prefer to add a bit of sass to the bridal ensemble. Zainab chottani bridal collection 2019 can be found at the online shopping store. Also, it is available at the retail store in your city to know more about the collection.

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